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Concrete Surface Treatment

Stain, Seal, and Polish

Excel Concrete Construction, Inc. has the experience and artistry to make any architect’s vision a reality. With so many stains and sealers out there today it can be difficult to know what is best for your project, we are always staying on top of the latest products and methods of applications, having the knowledge to provide each project with its specified product, and knowing when to suggest and submit a product that may work better, allows us to rise above or competition, and achieve the highest possible quality and service. Perfection is difficult but not impossible, it is always our goal to strive for perfection, and to succeed at getting as close to perfection as possible.

We make architects and engineers vision a reality!


Commercial Projects

Epoxies and Overlays

Epoxies and overlays can be challenging, as with everything we do we strive to understand how to overcome each projects challenges, surface preparation is the most important element to a successful installation of epoxies and overlays, having the knowledge on how to prep before you apply, and executing that preparation is key, this is not ever a step you want to cut corners on, taking our time to do it right the first time, so we can leave a project knowing we did everything possible to provide our customer the highest degree of quality, knowing that will always help us all sleep better

Commercial Concrete

Restoration and Repair

In most cases the best restoration and repair is demo and replace, however there are times when it may be cost effective to restore and or repair existing concrete. With so many advances in Concrete technology in both structural and architectural concrete repair the choice to repair is now more than ever an option you may consider, and having a concrete contractor to provide your project with every option available, will give you the best chance towards success.


Concrete Subcontractor

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From public works and large commercial projects to federal and local government clients, you can count on our experienced concrete professionals to handle it. We welcome a challenge! The more complex a project, the harder we work to provide the best solutions. We work with clients from concept to completion to both design and implement solutions to meet and exceed the goals of our clients.

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