About Excel Concrete

Excel Founders

The history of Excel Concrete began in 1967 when Ron Mills founded Mills Concrete Construction, Inc. along with his brother Fred Mills.

Mills Concrete grew to become one of the largest and most well-respected union concrete companies in Southern California, working on many of the Ernest Hahn Projects in the Southern California area.

Some notable projects include Horton Plaza Mall in downtown San Diego and the Palm Desert Mall to name a few.

That is where his son, Sean Mills and current president of Excel concrete, started his career as a Laborer, before going on to join the union as a carpenter and eventually an estimator and project manager. Sean also worked for a handful of other contractors in California, Arizona, and Nevada gaining valuable experience before re-joining his father in 1994.

Excel Concrete is proud to have had two generations of Mills work on Horton Plaza in San Diego, CA.

In 1980, our founder, Ron Mills was the concrete contractor, and our current owner, Sean Mills, cut his teeth on this project and many other Ernest Hahns Malls across Southern California.

In 2014, Excel was contracted to complete the Northeast corner.

Horton Plaza

Our History

Reef Development

Ron Mills and his two sons, Sean and Armand joined Reef Development in Hawaii to manage their structural division and eventually the Big Island of Hawaii and completed many high profile projects. That is where Don Fromong joined the team as a Union carpenter at the Four Seasons project.

San Diego Reef
Ron Mills Returns

Ron Mills returned to Southern California, to form a new division of reef development called San Diego Reef, or SDR, Sean soon followed bringing Don Fromong along with him. Don was brought up in the construction industry as an operator and carpenter, working on some very logistically challenged and remote projects in parts of Alaska, Washington and Oregon. Don brought with him an outside-the-box way of thinking from his past work experiences and projects, as well as bringing a great, honest work ethic to the team.

Conex Concrete Construction
Sean Mills Joins

Sean returned to Hawaii to continue working for Reef development and eventually going on his own and starting a concrete company known as Conex Concrete Construction, while Don stayed in California and became a valuable asset to Ron Mills and SDR Construction, building many large scale and high profile projects together. In 2004 Sean rejoined Ron and Don back in Southern California to successfully build 3 more parking structures and many other notable projects for SDR Construction

Excel Concrete Construction
Excel Concrete Formed

Ron, Sean, and Don Fromong left SDR Construction to form Excel Concrete Construction. They, along with their crews, began a new chapter as they continued to build Federal, State, and local projects in and outside of Southern California. Excel Concrete takes pride in the quality of its projects and the employees who build them, many of whom have been a part of the team going back to the years of Mills Concrete and SDR Construction.

'Integrity, Service & Quality'
Sean Becomes President

After the passing of Ron Mills, Sean Mills took over the company as President and has since been at the forefront of the business, ensuring that each individual project is handled and delivered to the expectations of our customers and fulfilling the company mission “Integrity, Service and Quality”. Don Fromong continues to play an important role in the company as the Chief Estimator and Lead Project Manager. Don is responsible for implementing a solid and safe work force, ensuring successful and timely projects, generating quality work, and ultimately working to satisfy all of Excel’s customers. Armed with over 50 years of industry experience, Excel Concrete Construction, Inc. continues to conduct business on the principles the company was built on: developing honest business relationships, committing to service, integrity, and working to satisfy new and repeat customers throughout California.

New Beginnings
New President

With Sean Mills taking a step back to focus on the C.F.O. position, estimating and acquiring new business, Excel announced the addition of Don Fromong as partner and President.

Don taking over the presidential duties will free up time for Sean to develop Excel's Construction services division Texcel Construction Services.

The goal is to have Texcel operating by 2024.

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